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1. Conservative treatment of functional constipation (Senna)

2. Method for determining megarectum

3. Is there a place for surgical treatment?

4."Recto-sigmoidectomy does not improve ...(FC)" B.Duhamel Arch. Dis. Childh, 1960, 44,377.

5. Descending perineum syndrome in children

6.  Functional Constipation. (pathological physiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment)

7. The dolichosigma partially located on the right:

8. FC-radiological diagnosis and indications for surgery.

9. X-ray examination of the anorectum. The state of the problem in pediatric colorectal surgery.

10.Diagnosis and pathophysiology of Hirschsprung’s disease 

11. Functional Constipation in Colorectal Surgery

12. Is colon manometry useful for functional constipation?

13. Chronic constipation in elderly

14. Radiological anatomy of the colon and rectum

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